I assume most people understand the dangers of living in isolation.  Monoculturalism, xenophobia, and inbreeding, to name a few.  But the overall downside would be retardation – of industry and knowledge.  Cultural detachment is ultimately impractical and ineffective anyway.  There is just no getting away from the 7 billion people that also inhabit Planet Earth.  Interaction is imminent.  As singer Gil Scott-Heron so wisely put it, “Since change is inevitable, we should direct the change rather than simply continue to go through the change.”

Naturally, this is true of work cultures as well.  Reading the posts in this blog, you’ll notice that I have tips for:

  • Artists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executive Leaders

Having been the artist looking for a shot, the curator giving artists a shot, the manager supervising such programs, the teaching-artist grooming the next generations, and the entrepreneur pushing for habitable conditions in each of these fields, I cannot separate one from the other.  And I’m going to suggest that you not either – regardless of your current experience or inexperience in these arenas.

While each carries their own role, objective, and action plan, we all need to consider what we can learn from one another.  For example, artists are famously awful in marketing and career savvy in general.  They’ll have a lot to gain from observing the hustle of entrepreneurs.  While executive leaders may have skills, they are sometimes removed from the ground level and the latest methodologies, leading them to play square and “safe”.  Therefore, they will have many things to absorb by looking at the innovation of artists and entrepreneurs.  Yet artists and entrepreneurs – especially at the individual and sole proprietor level – tend to have a very small image of themselves within the broader context and so, would have much to explore and to envision by recognizing the big picture view and guidance of executive leaders.

Curiosity itself, after all, is the ultimate educator – better than any professor or school.  So, if everyone were to appreciate and seek out the expertise of those beyond their own background, we may finally do away with the ruinous fiction of the go-it-alone hero.  And instead, undergo a flourishing of ideas, capabilities, and partnerships that would benefit the entire ecology, allowing sweeping improvements for all.