Do It Yourself

I really am amazed at how much slogans/mottos from my upbringing have impacted my world view.  Not to sound like a grandpa, but people today have what?  Chat acronyms?  Like FML (F*** My Life).   And where’s that gonna get ya?

One saying from my youth that remains tattooed on my soul is “Don’t die wondering”, courtesy of Vision skateboards.  In the face of all the worst inner demons – shame, fear, embarrassment, failure – “Don’t die wondering” is the type of phrase that exists to push you to think the impossible and to go all out, whether you’re dropping into a half-pipe or dropping into your passion project.  After all, what’s the best that can happen?  But I’m not here to just talk pep.  What does it look like when an artist does get entrepreneurial?  In the video below are real people describing how they’ve taken their artistic destinies into their own hands.

Asian American Arts Alliance (a.k.a. AAAA and A4) is a nonprofit arts organization based out of New York.  And they do wonderful work with networking and education events including one program called Brainstorm! Produce It Yourself, “a series of lively themed discussions focusing on the artist as producer. Each event features the in-depth case study of an artist who receives feedback from discussants and input from the audience, leading to spirited exchanges, peer learning and new connections.”

This particular gathering focuses on theater artists carving out their own pathway to production.  Click Play to hear how these individuals navigate the DIY puzzle, from management to media to money.  Take notes! (90 min.)

Anna Moench and her recent production of Gormanzee And Other Stories. Hear Anna receive feedback and advice from discussants including Tisa Chang, Artistic Producing Director, Pan Asian Repertory Theatre; Melanie Joseph, Artistic Producer, The Foundry Theatre; Rehana Mirza, Artistic Director, Desipina & Company; and Jorge Ortoll, Executive Director, Ma-Yi Theater Company. Moderated by Lloyd Suh, Executive Producer of Second Generation Productions.

POST SCRIPT: Later this week, we visit another talk, this one will be of particular interest to artists who want to SELL their work! Plus, it’s official – The new Art Of Hustle tagline is: Where Arts Meets Entrepreneurship. Congratulations to randomly selected survey winner, Lisa Kang, who will receive a complimentary copy of photography book, All Is Full Of Love.