In continuing our conversation from the last post – what it looks like when you do ‘go for it’ – today I offer you another video of artists who are in the mix, sharing tips and tricks from their own experience.  This talk focuses on selling your work online and will be particularly useful for visual artists or fashion designers, but will benefit EVERYONE who needs to refocus their relationship with the web and how you ought to be maximizing on the tools.

Here, you’ll learn about sites (,,, utilizing a blog as well as twitter and facebook, graduating your store to your own website (all things we’ve talked about in the Making Your Website Work post), marketing and staying productive, among LOTS and LOTS of other great bits of advice!  The featured speaker Chanel Kennebrew and guest artists are generously candid about their processes.  Listen.  Study!

Speaker: Chanel Kennebrew, Artist and founder of Chanel Kennebrew is an artist from Inglewood, CA. Chanel currently does freelance illustration and runs Junkprints, a creative experiment focusing on using art as a catalyst to explore and maintain local economies through the design, manufacturing, and distribution of clothing and accessories.


Thank you again to Asian American Arts Alliance in New York for providing valuable programming like Brainstorm!