Whenever I give my workshops, someone will inevitably ask about social networking: What’s it about? Is it worth doing? How do you do it? And I always respond with the same answer. Yes, social networking is a must. Go where ever your audience goes. BUT, know that while social networking is here to stay, the particular networks themselves are all fads, one quickly replacing another at any moment. One thing that doesn’t change however is your ability to tell a good story. Which is why I prioritize teaching fundamental narrative skills in the Art Of Hustle workshops over the web tools themselves. If you know how to convey a message effectively, you will have a universal skill – applicable both online and in real time – that will allow you to switch communication platforms and not skip a beat.

Still, all these social networks have their own amorphous cultures and rules of etiquette, some of which I touch upon in the Must-Have Action List for Event Marketing. In navigating the many online tools and studying the strengths of each to deliver information, I finally arrived at these few personal conclusions/observations.


This blog – as with most – is great for relaying meaningful content in bite size chunks (compared to, for example, the length of in-depth magazine cover stories).


Email is great for more personalized hellos. Even if it is a mass message, I do picture you reading it at work and think about how I can brighten your week at the office or where ever it is you are clocking in.


Twitter is great for little gems. It’s the small talk of social networking – cool quotes, throwaway announcements, little soliloquys, and quick tips.


And with facebook, I find that I can plug links to cool articles and time-specific happenings like calls for submission or events. I think of it more as content “curation” than “creation” (pointing to a cool something that’s been announced opposed to putting a personal spin on a given topic).

And in this respect, each is suited to the type of communication preferred by the people at those specific virtual locations. The information at each place has its own voice and purpose which keeps our conversation from getting redundant. If you’re following me at these networks, you’ll see that I do what I can to have our engagement stay fresh. Make sense, yes? But that also means you’ll miss stuff if you’re only following the blog.

So for you folks that aren’t connected to the Art Of Hustle facebook page yet, I’d like to keep you all in the loop. Here are some recent facebook posts that you’ve missed that may be of interest: Some super thought provoking articles AND ALSO time-sensitive artist opportunities! Jump to it!

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