When I talk to people about the importance of championing their own work, promoting it, and marketing it, they often reply with a series of common excuses. And trust me, I’ve heard them all. A top one would have to be:

“I’m shy.” And/or, “I don’t want to be or seem to be egotistical.”

This logic is problematic – because it’s paradoxical. It’s honorable to aspire to be less ego-driven. However, I would argue that if what you can offer may help people, make them happier, assist their day to go more smoothly, brighten their situation, or heal them, it is your gift and responsibility to let them know you exist.

It is actually more selfish to hoard your talents, services, and products, to keep them secret, to think so much of your own appearance over the benefits you can be giving that you would hinder your opportunity to positively affect the lives of countless people.

In fact, to be truly thoughtful, charitable, and considerate is to allow yourself to be visible, to allow yourself to be available, to at least give people the option to engage with you or not. As Scott Belsky, author of Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality, says in the title of video below, “Don’t let your genius go unnoticed.”