A week ago, I had the opportunity to see business sage, Gary Vaynerchuk, in San Francisco for the release of his new book: The Thank You Economy. You may remember him from my earlier post: Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion. I took to live-tweeting at the event as a means of taking notes. Below are the screenshots of my Twitter feed (in sequence when you read from the bottom, up).

I think these gems pretty much speak for themselves, and certainly if you’ve been following the Art Of Hustle posts, particularly the recent four-part series titled “Donald Trump vs. Conan O’brien” which highlights the importance of: demonstrating value and building relationships.

If any of these quotes strike you as mysterious, let me know and I’ll gladly expand on the text.

The one tweet that you may find off-topic is the one about Anderson Valley. Vaynerchuk happens to think it’s one of California’s best right now. A little wine tip for ya the next time you’re in the West Coast of the United States.