This is probably something I should have done for myself a long time ago. If you’re going to be active in blogging and particularly if you’re going to be chiming in on blogs, you’re going to want to customize your avatar – that’s the square image that appears next to your two cents. The common default looks like this:

Which is pretty impersonal. And looks almost like a disguise. After all, it’s “social” networking, not anti-social networking. To help you add warmth and realness to your online activity, you can sign up for Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar) as I have done just recently.

It’s already partnered with a lot of websites and best of all, with WordPress which is probably the world’s most popular blogging platform at this moment. It works simply by assigning an image to the email address that you will enter in the required fields for leaving comments.

This way, the blog’s author and its future visitors will have a face or logo to associate with your contributions to the discussion. It’s free to sign up and you can do that here: