I do my best these days to stay knowledgeable on basic tools – machines, programs, apps, et cetera. However, as I mentioned in the post titled “Is Your Technophobia Killing Your Progress?”, the bar for basics is rising every day! So, I simply miss out from time to time. I imagine you do too. In addition to the Gravatar tool that I highly recommended a while back, I’m now going to plug another free tool that I should have been using a long time ago – Dropbox.

It’s pretty fantastic and this is what it does. It saves files – any of your files – to a folder on your computer. But the magical part is that this folder may also appear and sync on all your gadgets: your desktop computer, your laptop, your iPad and your mobile! This way, you can have important documents easily within reach. In my case, I store my most common files in my Dropbox folder: My headshot, my acting resume, my work resume, and an invoice template. Also, if you wanted to, you can share folders within your Dropbox account with other Dropbox users. I have a musician buddy who shares audio tracks with his band mates in this way. And I’ve had video artists send me their short films via Dropbox for a curatorial project that I was working on with the San Francisco Public Library.

A lot of other companies have tried to conjure similar solutions but Dropbox – at the time of this writing anyway – is the one that has it really nailed. The entry level version is completely free and includes up to 2 GB of space which is plenty for starters. And to make it even better, when you sign up using the link I provide, you automatically get a bonus, making your beginner’s total storage 2.25 GB. Go ahead and give it a try!