This seems to be a recurring message in recent weeks: Update your work flow tools. Your gadgets, knowledge of current programs, websites, useful smart phone apps, and the easy-to-overlook EMAIL.  Worse than being stuck in the past is broadcasting that you’re stuck in the past.

I cringe whenever I get a business card with an AOL address on it (I’m not kidding – They’re out there), or any email for that matter given by one’s Internet Service Provider.  It turns you into an instant advert for your ISP and identifies you as a customer of some conglomerate rather than as a professional in your own right.

It also makes me think, “This person is clueless about email etiquette and best practices. They probably NEVER check their inbox, receive tons of junk mail in between visits, and also, have a spam filter that trashes lots of genuine mail.” To borrow from Guy Kawasaki, this is someone you might refer to as “Bozo.” I’m not saying this to be mean. I’m saying it because I was one of them.

If you’re still hanging onto the 1990s, consider these advantages you could be enjoying that I have found hugely beneficial since I ditched the inferior service (Hotmail) that I was using:

  • Email conversation management
  • Calendar and event reminders
  • Document sharing
  • Video chat
  • Photo albums
  • Free voicemail
  • and plenty more, all in one account!

If that doesn’t convince you, hit the play button below and hear what ‘Doctor Muscat’ has to say about it.  Google just released this video proposing we stage interventions to have loyalists of outdated email services finally make the switch. I think you’ll get a kick out of it – and just maybe the inspiration to join the fun.

Post Script: A Suggestion
I’ll admit, gmail isn’t the king of all things professional. Their offerings are just the top of the line at this moment. Staying up to date means we may have to abandon gmail too for something better down the line.

Better than gmail right now on your business card would be an email address promoting your own domain name – even if you don’t have a website. I know one accomplished service professional whose business is going so well, she doesn’t need a website to promote her skills. Yet, she still has her email reflect her company name, which is a nice touch.


Even then, you needn’t glue yourself to your domain seller’s or host provider’s probably very mediocre email service. That email address can be used as a forwarding address to your gmail account (which I do for my Art Of Hustle email) so you can have the best of both worlds!

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