Following the huge success of the blog post, Survival Advice for the Funemployed, the concepts and practices described therein are now available for you to learn in real time!

I have been invited to give a class of the same name hosted by new startup, Skillshare, based originally out of New York and now opening up its San Francisco chapter. See the description below and sign up immediately to secure your spot.

How can you make money without a job? The answer: When no one is hiring, HIRE YOURSELF!

In this class we explore basic money-making strategies, including the importance of understanding exchange value, focusing your expertise and identifying your audience. I’ll share my experience of establishing my own business and diversifying my income streams, as well as some of the pitfalls to avoid along the way. We’ll spend time brainstorming as a group on ways that each of you can generate more opportunities. Expect to leave class with action steps for increasing your personal revenue.

This class is perfect for anyone seeking supplementary income or wanting to entertain a dream business idea!

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