Inspired by my upcoming Skillshare class as well as the many dream projects people ask me to help them out with, I thought I’d assist you aspiring hustlers out there to lay down some real foundation for your next venture.

In this video, I pose basic questions that all folks should be asking early in their process. Like, Who the heck is going to pay for it? Seeking out these critical answers will elevate you from castle-builder to doer.

While I speak about this topic mostly in regard to “business,” this is relevant to just about any business, whether it’s an event plan, a cultural production, or a chosen profession. Hit the play button and see how the content therein can get you to think more thoroughly about getting started!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Does this help? Do you know anyone that could use this info? Have any success stories of individuals who graduated their idea into action? Chime in using the comments fields below!

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