It’s the holiday season. A time for overeating, overshopping, and overjoyousness. Also, of course, for gift-giving and reflection. You’ll hear bells clanging, people caroling, as well as the occasional “What do you saaay?” You know, that sing-songy question adults pose to kids who are too focused on their presents to convey any gratitude. “Huh? Oh, yeah, thanks!”

It is really a good reminder for us all. Demonstrating appreciation isn’t just for social niceties either. It carries with it notable concrete benefits. For example:

  • It boosts business. More specifically, client relationships. I mean geez, if people are enlisting your services and expertise, the least you can do is say thanks. In person, by voicemail, through an email or text, by way of greeting card. Or why not all of the above?! No one needs to give you their money. No one needs to recognize your skills. When they do, don’t hesitate to let them know you appreciate it.
  • It raises team morale. Whether that team is comprised of your co-workers, collaborators or your family members, nothing puts energy back in the tank like showing people that you are grateful for their contributions and that you know you’d be royally ****ed without them. You’re no one-man show. Heck, even in theater, one-man shows aren’t one-man shows! There are directors, designers, dramaturgs, stage managers, technicians, ticket sellers, and event staff. Same goes in many parts of your life. So quit hogging all the shine, and give the people who make you look so darn good, their due props.
  • And in the tradition of saving the best for last… It increases your good luck! I don’t mean that in a superstitious way either; this is literal. Nor is it rocket science. It’s no coincidence that the words grace and gratitude share etymology. The two emerge from the same space. When you give a nod to the people and things that are going right in your life, it’s easier to focus on successes, current ones as well as ones to come. And strategists in every field know that maximizing on your strengths (not lamenting your weaknesses) is what produces wins.

Giving thanks tips the universe in your favor. So do it this fall season. And all year round while you’re at it. Having a rough day? Give thanks. Just get paid? Give thanks. Having a random moment by yourself? Give thanks. Any time can be a good one to pause and remember that things aren’t that bad, even if they can stand to be better. And certainly they can always stand to be better, particularly if you’re a gutsy and ambitious person. But that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to enjoy yourself on the way to reaching your goals. Remind people you’re not some tortured megalomaniac. Count your blessings and send your regards. You and the people around you will be better off for it.

Sweet! You made it to the end of another Art of Hustle post! THANK YOU. As a lil reward, I’m going to share with you some news… We are fast approaching Art of Hustle’s 3 year anniversary! Can you believe it? I’m super grateful for your support and all the wonderful word of mouth praise. This website will undergo a makeover in celebration of this milestone. Check back often as this will happen by 2013.

Meanwhile, please comment and share this post with anyone you think would appreciate it. Till next time, cheers!