Ah yes, another video tip from yours truly. This one deals with a little phenomenon I sometimes refer to as “career amnesia.” To hear all about it, please hit the play button in the video above or read the transcript below. Enjoy!

Hi everybody, this is Anthem Salgado from Artofhustle.com, and I’ve got a beard. No but really, the thing that I want to share with you today while I have the energy, because sometimes I don’t have the energy. Being on camera takes a lot of energy, and sometimes I just don’t really want to do it. But I got the energy, so I’m going to do this now while the mojo is going.

It’s December, and it’s the end of the year. A lot of us are going to be spending some contemplation thinking about what we’ve done in the past year, and what we’d like to accomplish in the next year. And this is where this tip that I’m about to share with you all fits in. It’s really important, and I encourage this of everybody whether it’s your work resume or your artist resume. I’m going to tell you it’s really important to have what I like to call a master resume. And what distinguishes a master resume from any of your other resumes is this. You only add to it ever and you never, ever edit it or subtract from it. So anytime you need to develop or submit a resume for any particular opportunity, you’re going to use this master resume that’s captured all of your information, and your experience, and your history, and your skills that you’ve been building over the years, and you’re going to create a new document where you’ll be selecting key highlights to showcase for this new thing that you’re applying for. But your master resume, you never subtract from it, you don’t touch it in that sense. You only add to it. So if you’ve done it properly, you’ll know you have done it properly because it will be a mile long, it will be a big scrolling document. You can scroll through it for days. I mean, after a couple of years, you should just have tons, and tons of material on there.

And the reason, the specific reason why I would encourage you to do this is because a lot of times we take our experiences, our history, the things that we participate in for granted so much so that we actually forget about them. And then you start thinking, “What have I done? I know I’ve done something.” And then when it comes to apply for that special job or grant or showcasing opportunity, you really have to rack your brain to recall all those wonderful things that you’ve already proven yourself in. So the master resume takes care of that, it’s an opportunity for you to continue to celebrate all of the work that you have been putting into your career, and also it’s a great capture document. It’s the ultimate time capsule. So you could use a word document, you could have it be a document that you keep in Dropbox or even Google docs or all of the above. The idea being, again, that you’re going to want to have access to this document that is forever, and ever, and ever just growing and growing, capturing all of the special classes that you’ve participated in, professional development workshops, conferences, lectures, interviews, as well as exhibitions, experiences, and so on.

Such a simple tip, but you’d be surprised how many people have so many different documents for different, different resumes, and then it when it comes time to put together a new resume, they’re sifting back and forth between all these different documents; it’s a total headache. So this is one way to save yourself a lot of time, and keep your information more central, and more organized. It will help a lot. Trust me, it’s awesome. And you don’t need special skills to start doing it today. So go ahead, and get that going, and have fun with it.

Once again, it’s Anthem Salgado, I’m here for you, we’re in this together. More information as always at artofhustle.com. Let’s be in touch.

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