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We’re lucky to have this detailed list of recommended organization tools from guest blogger, Kim Willington. Give a read, download away (most of these are free or inexpensive), and get orderly.

Apps can turn your smart phone or tablet into your own electronic personal assistant. Unlike those PDAs of old, you can personalize your mobile device to make it work the way you need it to. Today’s devices and the apps you can get for them also offer you more features and power than the old PDAs.

There are dozens of apps that can help you become more organized and more productive. Here are our picks for the top 10 apps that will help you be more productive:

Evernote (
Evernote is one of the leading online tools for getting more organized and increasing productivity. Use it to take notes with text, photos, or web links to keep track of projects and ideas. You can also use it to clip web pages and more. The app is free, and so is the service.

Dropbox (
Back up your personal data and share it across all your devices with Dropbox. You never have to be without an important document or media files like photos and video. You can also minimize the risk of your project being sidelined by losing important documents. The app is free, and so is the service.

OmniFocus (
Keep track of your tasks by project, place, person or data with this comprehensive app. You can set reminder messages for due dates, break up tasks into smaller steps, plan errands on a map, and much more. You can also take and organize notes related to tasks. $19.99.

Things (
Don’t let the simplicity of this app’s name fool you: It is a comprehensive task-management app that will help you to become more organized and productive. Organize tasks by keywords, priorities, and more, schedule due dates, create repeating tasks and more with this app. $9.99.

Doodle (
Don’t waste time e-mailing back and forth with colleagues trying to schedule a meeting time that works for everyone. Use this easy scheduling app that polls everyone for the best times so you can quickly schedule meetings. $2.99.

Droplr (
Create a virtual notebook with this easy bookmarking tool. Gather photos, notes, links and more to work on projects and smaller tasks. You can share your files with others and track who views them for easy project management. Free.

LogMeIn (
Even if you’re using a service like Dropbox, you are very likely to find yourself in a situation where you can’t access a document or other file you need because you haven’t uploaded it or e-mailed it to yourself. This app allows you to connect with your personal computer no matter where you are so you always have access to your documents. Free.

Astrid (
Create to-do lists that you can share with friends and sync across all your devices for more efficient project management. You can add voice memos, set up reminders, and get notifications when others complete tasks on your lists. There is also calendar integration. Free.

QuickCal Mobile (
This simple calendar app can help you organize your schedule so you finish the tasks on your list by deadline and can manage your appointments and other obligations. Create and manage multiple calendars, share with colleagues, set reminders and more with this app. $0.99.

Away Find (
You don’t have to be chained to your e-mail to stay on top of important messages and updates. You can use this app to create filters to identify important messages and send you push notifications as they are received. With this app, you can eliminate the distraction that e-mail causes and free up time to focus on other tasks without having to worry about missing important e-mails. Free.

There are dozens more apps (if not hundreds) that can help you to better manage your time, keep track of projects, and become more productive. What are some of your favorite apps to help you be more productive? Share your favorites in the comments!

Kim Willington is a freelance writer and researcher for, where she has recently been researching methods of live customer support. In her spare time, she enjoys antiquing and taking long walks with her retriever, Spencer.