I had a good chuckle recently thinking about a few personal and professional moments that didn’t quite pan out as I had originally hoped. “Wrote a little post about it, wanna hear it, here it goes!”

What’s funny is, it appears you only earn wisdom and assuredness after feeling pretty stupid and low about something you really cared about. Roll with it.

Think of this writing as a metaphorical compress for your bruised confidence.


What is my name? “Skip”???

It’s a bummer not getting the break, the part, the project, the job, the agreement, the support, the understanding, the darn respect! What’s happening?!

It’s very possible that the universe / karma / luck is turning down for you something that you, at the time, didn’t have the good sense and perspective to turn down on your own. Very often, if your mind is properly set, you will find the next opportunity WAAAY better than the one you just got denied for.

You will laugh. You will say, “I can’t believe I almost said yes to that other thing! Surely I would have regretted it knowing what I know now. There would have been absolutely NO chance, zero, I’d have gone that route given the new information of this significantly more quality option. I mean, what was I thinking? Was I crazy?!”

Ah, such is life, my friends. You would have opted for the inferior selection were it not for the rejection. These things you learn when you embrace the seemingly bad moments. Give thanks for every downturn and setback. You are being given a window to gain something remarkably more deserving of your brilliance. So, hold tight. Keep moving. Eyes (and heart) open. Trust.


Pssst! Pass it on.

Too much time is wasted on failures and disappointments instead of resetting and looking forward to fresh moments. In the words of author, Jack Canfield, “When someone says no, you say next.”

Or, another way to put it, like my late acting coach Cliff Osmond used to direct:

“Don’t suffer! Solve!”

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