It takes an attitudePictured: Everyday prophet, Jerome. Hear him drop knowledge in his own words after the jump.


“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.”
~Maya Angelou


What is art of hustle (lowercase)?

Every now and then, I have to answer the question, What is Art of Hustle anyway? Immediately people will have a tendency to go to the objects. And I get it, people like their tangibles. Clients and prospects especially (“What are we paying for exactly?”). To whom, I reply, it’s business coaching and marketing consulting. Effective services, too! After all, that’s the deliverable.

If you want more objects, I can tell you also that it’s a podcast show, an online publication, a YouTube channel, etc., etc. There. More objects. Moved?

Maybe. Maybe not. There are plenty of those: coaches, podcast shows, and so on. These are merely expressions of Art of Hustle. The real question might be, What is Art of Hustle at its core? Or perhaps more accurately, What does it mean to possess the art of hustle (lowercase)? Well, you needn’t look further than its name. Hustle. It’s a growth mindset, it’s a way of living, it’s an approach to problem-solving, it’s… an attitude. It’s a system of values that says: Believe in you, You are capable, You have room to grow, Put in the work, Don’t make excuses, Don’t give up. No matter what. Whether you’re entry level or Executive Director.

In fact, here’s a little non-secret, the application to enter the Art of Hustle coaching program has this query woven into the form:

Which statement best describes your experience? Check one below.
□ Things happen
□ I make things happen

Of the many questions I ask, this is the only one that has a right or wrong answer. Anyone that’s been following the content at the site and understands the principles we promote here knows there can only be one correct response. It’s cut and dry, and there’s no messing around with it.

Make no mistake however. It won’t rid you of doubt, make you invincible, elevate you to stardom, or point you to some shortcut (Quick tip: There are best practices but there are zero — I repeat — zero shortcuts!). What it will do is make it so you can pick yourself up after you fall down. It sounds simple but you’d be surprised how many people get knocked out of their game prematurely because they folded first in their minds, irrespective of their background or bank account, be they individual or organization.

Enter Jerome

Last week in San Francisco’s Mission District, I was visited upon by everyday prophet, Jerome. Now I don’t know Jerome but I know he’s awesome. We have something in common. He just walked up to me and said:

“You know what I love? My attitude!”

I had to give him dap for that. Jerome exemplifies Art of Hustle principles. He gets it! He took a couple minutes to tell me about his own hustle. That is, walking by shops in the morning and offering to sweep the sidewalk for a couple bucks. No formal job, no tools, or anything. But you know what? The right attitude. Hitting the pavement regardless and looking to make an honest income because, heck, why not? I said, “Man, Jerome, you know, a lot of people would appreciate hearing what you have to say. Mind if I record a couple minutes?”

He obliged. And naturally, the man was recompensed for his time. After all, people hire me to impart wisdom. I can certainly pay it forward.


Click Play in the video below to hear Jerome break it down. From battling the doldrums to aspiring to become President to taking every single opportunity to maintain a positive outlook.



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