Mike Terry

Art of Hustle wouldn’t be much were it not for all of its believers and practitioners proving the legitimacy of its theories and principles. Here we take great pleasure in introducing you to one of AOH’s clients, software developer Mike Terry.

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My name is Mike Terry. I grew up in Los Angeles, and spent about seven years in Boston, first at MIT, and then started my career there in software development. I’m currently living in San Francisco and working hard on building a business.

I’ve always really been a builder and a tinkerer, and I just feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to turn something that has from the time I was very little, really been exciting to me, to a career. That’s been hugely rewarding for me.

I focus a lot on the areas of software development that require massive amounts of data being processed and visualized. We are focused on building full scale landing pages and advertising campaigns for lawyers throughout the US. We’ve been able to generate tons of new businesses for these law firms. We found a system and we’ve been able to scale the system up for them to be able to reliably get their next cases.

Originally, my first startup was called “See the Scene” and we were building data visualizations for the nightlife industry. And quickly thereafter realized that a lot of those challenges also existed in the education space, and the healthcare space, and also in the legal space. And so my skill set and the teams and the techniques that I’ve been working on are really just dynamic and we’re able to focus and drive value for those different verticals. It’s been really fun.

So I started out coaching primarily as somebody who could be my co-pilot in a lot of the strategic decision-making. Professional athletes have coaches, professional business people have coaches. There’s a certain benefit that coaches provide that there’s really no substitute for. You need a support network. You need other minds working together. What I was looking to address when I started looking for a coach was really managing the growth of my business. I started to see a lot of demand for the products and services that I was offering and the team that I was building. And really growth is where the, many of the decision making challenges come. Getting coaching with Anthem, I’ve been able to really have that co-pilot to help me make a lot of these decisions and it’s been tremendous.

I actually came across Art of Hustle through Yelp. It became very apparent that Anthem really understood the needs of a lot of the local businesses and the culture here in the Bay Area. A lot of our initial goals were really focused on some of just advancing the ball forward when it came to getting new customers, when it came to hiring and really being able to delegate some of the tasks. And I think we’ve seen a lot of success. That’s where there’s been huge, huge leaps in terms of just the amount of learning that’s been had.

We use key performance metrics to make sure that the things that we are doing as a business are on track. And that framework I found that it’s given me a lot of peace of mind to really be able to work hard and know that I’m achieving my goals based on what we said what’s possible. And so I’ve really been able to pull in some new customers and really start to drive the revenue side of this. My vision of the next few steps is really being able to scale all that up and scale it up in a systematic way. And the sky’s the limit.