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This is Virada, one of Art of Hustle’s first coaching clients. She has since gone on to achieve many great things including securing a position at a leadership development organization, nourishing her interests as a writer, partaking in self-care by way of Tai Chi, and even starting a small business! Hear what she has to share regarding her many undertakings as well as her experience and perspective on the benefits of coaching.

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My name is Virada and I am currently a program manager at Rockwood Leadership Institute, and we put on leadership development retreats for mostly social justice and nonprofit service. We train leaders who are looking for transformational development. And what that means is folks who are ready to make a shift in their leadership, ready to let go of some old habits that aren’t working, and really take on some new behaviors.

“Anthem really allowed me to leverage what I had.”

I’ve been working at Rockwood for three years now. And right before that, I finished my MBA. So I finished my business school and when I graduated, it was really important to me to find a job that I really cared about, and can sustain me on an emotional level along with paying the bills.

When I started my job search, it was a little messy. I felt pulled in many directions. There’s the temptation to just apply to everything. So I went a community arts workshop about marketing, and it was with an Asian American nonprofit called “Kearny Street Workshop” and I met Anthem and learned about the “Art of Hustle”. I think it’s unconventional, but when I was unemployed, I hired a coach. I really wanted to do it right this time. I was really used to finding a job, and I don’t think that was really an issue for me. I wanted to find the right job. We worked on a lot of things, new techniques that I hadn’t used before, which were extremely helpful. Anthem really allowed me to leverage what I had. It really came through.

“I think folks that have never done coaching but have a very clear goal in mind and are maybe at a loss of how to get from they are now to reach that goal, it’s an opportunity that it is pretty essential.”

And here we are, three years later, I still really love the work that I do. And then I have time to pursue my personal hobbies. My creative writing. I’ve been a part of a number of writing workshops, and writing groups. I really deepened my Tai Chi practice, and have the time to really dedicate to that, I go three times a week. And I’ve also launched a small side business. Really looking at what skills I already had and realized that I had grown up sewing with my mother. And so I started making bags. I feel like my vision is about bringing traditional arts and traditional wisdom to folks in a modern age. Which in the middle of the Bay Area, I feel like everything is very tech nowadays. It’s really awesome to know that we can still draw upon traditional wisdom to be more peaceful and happier and satisfied with our day-to-day, and not feel the scramble anymore. So that’s really kind of what guides the work that I’m doing.

I think folks that have never done coaching but have a very clear goal in mind and are maybe at a loss of how to get from they are now to reach that goal, it’s an opportunity that it is pretty essential. Having a cheerleader built in, having accountability, and deadlines built in, having an extra sounding board to bring in new ideas, it’s really all to the benefit of the coachee and what they want to achieve.


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