This is a story I shared on my personal Facebook page. It stirred up quite a bit of attention, conversation, and food for thought. So I thought I’d share it here with you too. Tell me what you think.



I took a Lyft car to a meeting recently. I always shoot the breeze with the drivers. The friendly banter is customary. Many of them have interesting personal and professional stories. Often times, they are driving to bankroll another project or dream: Higher education, a family vacation, or what have you. “What do you do when you’re not driving?” I ask.

This young guy, he says he codes and he’s been trying to find work. “Has it been tough? I imagine there’s lots of those gigs — in this city especially.” Always wanting to connect folks, I had an idea. “Say, one of my clients is a software developer and he’s building a team. Might be a good match, yeah?”

Not even demonstrating any curiosity, asking clarifying or qualifying questions, he says he’s too new at it. My client is probably looking for someone with more experience. It wouldn’t be a fit, he says.

My impulse was to correct him. It’s very possible my client would entertain a broad range of experience for his junior developers. But then my spidey senses got to tingling. So I let it go and allowed the subject to change. I’m not throwing anyone an alley oop that they’re not willing to sprint and leap for at the hoop.


He said he was applying for jobs; maybe he should have been applying himself in more ways than one.


What struck me was the total lack of initiative and the utter self-defeatism. I thought, Dude, you’re never going to make anything happen if you keep shooting yourself down before you get out of the gate. I mean, he said he was applying for jobs; maybe he should have been applying himself in more ways than one. Ya know what I mean? Sad, really.

But it’s not just random Lyft drivers that live like this though. This is a pervasive illness of the spirit that affects so many individuals. And it’s basically plain lack of imagination coupled poor self concept. People will be like, Waaah, why can’t I catch a break? Then someone like me might say, “Hey, maybe it’s your outlook.” And naturally, it’ll sound really annoying. LOL. ’cause it’s always easier to shift blame than to take ownership.

But as the saying goes, opportunity knocks for those who are willing to answer the door. It’s not rocket science. Get up and get the door already!!! Geez.

This is essentially the premise in Art of Hustle┬«. Otherwise, I might have named the business Art of “Just talk about it and don’t do anything about it.” ;)


Get up and get the door already.


If you or anyone you know loves what they do. And I mean loves it, is all about it, passionate about it, studied and trained in it. And would love it even more if there were someone — ahem, say, an experienced and proven business coach — that can help them grow their practice and develop their presence within their field, said individual might just be a perfect candidate for Art of Hustle┬« coaching.

I support both upstarts and veterans that represent a wide spectrum of industries. You name it: Health and wellness, finance, tech, marketing, and events.

How is this possible? Well, because, as illustrated in the story above, sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. Possessing the faith. After that, reaching your goals is a matter of forward motion combined with the science of best practices. Knowing how to do the right things, at the right time, in the right sequence. In marketing. In sales. In project management. That’s where I slay. And that’s where I partner with you to succeed!

The coaching program is home to a community of specially curated and self-selected rock stars. Wanna join us? If so, please don’t be like Mr. Lyft driver and miss out. Apply here now:


Oh, and we ain’t messin’ around. While we will definitely have fun, laugh as we learn, and fully enjoy the journey, we no doubt only work with people that have and cultivate a growth mindset. If you’d rather suffer than solve, please don’t apply.


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