Kindly meet Paloma Concordia! PR and Marketing pro, and also founder and principal of Papalodown agency. Paloma is a star client and major action-taker. Her story is a compelling one. Just after having made the move to full-time work for the sake of her family and for supposed steadiness, she soon found herself laid off. Not one to let circumstances dictate her fate, she re-launched her business and passion project in short order and to great success!
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My name is Paloma Concordia and I am the owner of the PapaLoDown Agency. We are a communications agency helping small businesses, non-profits, artists and entertainers with their marketing and their PR strategies, social media and everything that helps promote their business to the public. We’ve been around for over 6 years and it started of as me really just wanting to work with artist. From there, it grew into non-profit work then really catering to small business owners in the restaurant industry, breweries, wineries, fashion as well.

When I started my family a few years ago, I then kind of just put the business on hiatus and decided to work a 9 to 5. It just felt like the safe thing to do, having a family, wanting the health insurance benefits and the steady paycheck, the stability that led to being laid off which brought the opportunity back up and presented itself as like PapaLoDown is what I’m supposed to be doing. There is no stability in the 9 to 5. I need to create my own stability. I didn’t have any second thoughts, I just said, “Okay. This is it. I’m doing it.” I just went all in and from there, I knew too that being away from the business for so long, I needed to have someone help me jump start it and I knew Anthem, I knew Art of Hustle existed and I gave them a call and I was like, “I need you.”

He helped guide me and then also just point out some things that I didn’t realized I was doing wrong and turns up creating proposals, meeting with potential clients and how to go through the whole sales process and actually close a deal. That was one of the really important parts of having Anthem on my team because as a small business owner, you’re doing everything yourself, your advisory team is like your friends and colleagues and they’re not a coach. Having a business coach really pushes you to make changes and see your business from a different perspective. I had a list of prospective clients that I was like, “Okay. These businesses are on my list, I need to close them.” Pretty much the majority of that initial list did become a client after working with Anthem for 3 months.

Yes. PapaLoDown is back. It’s exciting. There’s so much opportunity, so much growth for the business. The only reason that someone would be hesitant about hiring a business coach is the monetary investment and to them I would say like, “Just to it. Just spend the money. It’s worth it. You will get your money back and grow your business exponentially.” My favorite quote is, “Your network is your net worth.” I really believe that the community that you build, that you’re a part of, the businesses that you helped, the people that you helped will support you in your personal endeavors as well as your business endeavors. Definitely, Anthem in Art of Hustle has been part of my network for many years and I plan on continuing to work with Anthem to build my business because this is just the beginning of it, really.

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