Earlier this month, I had the good fortune to visit one of my favorite places for a quick spell — the desert. The occasion was a beautiful lantern festival that happened on the Moapa Indian reservation in Nevada.

I was among several hundred people in attendance. A very family friendly crowd of all ages.

The evening sky would give way to the full darkness of night and in an amazing display of cooperation and coordination, these adventurers all fired up their paper lights at the same time and sent them flying skyward.


Each one was infused with a kind of hope, scribbled with pen markers to reflect meaningful icons, prayers, and notes to self.

It was an astonishing sight. One of the few times it would have been totally appropriate to exclaim, “Awesome,” seeing as literally it was.

Breathtaking, marvelous, and yes, awe-inspiring.


But why in the world am I telling you this?

Because, frankly, things are going well. As of recently, I made a significant (for me anyway) investment in my retirement, I have a full roster of clients that I support, and I was still able to — having both the time and the cash flow — responsibly treat myself to this somewhat random trip into the arid sands.

No credit debt, no missed appointments!

How though? I attribute it to an enduring concept from my background in art: Curation.

You’ve heard me say it plenty — Busyness is not the business. Running your micro-enterprise isn’t about running yourself ragged.


Though it may seem like we are doing a great service with the overtime, late hours, packed schedule and all around mania, we would actually be doing ourselves, our clients, and our community a great disservice.

Hey, it’s not like you’re getting paid by the ulcer, am I right? It is under these circumstances that we lose presence of mind, we function poorly, and we make common errors. In other words… we burn out.

Though no one will ever be excused from hard work, in the Art of Hustle® world, we aim to focus more on high elevation strategy and freedom-making than on run-of-the-mill toil.

After all, we are working toward something, not just machining through the day, yes?

So, what is that thing for you? That aim, that purpose, that happiness, that expression, that ability.

And how can we curate your situation for that level of success? So that you can regularly enjoy both your work and your life more than you already are?


I’ve got good news for you.

Until I disappear for another excursion through sage brush, I’ll be on my laptop for the rest of the month. Taking emails, inquiries, AND new rock star clients.

In fact, only rock star clients.

Are you interested in learning how to curate your economic engine (and your entire existence really) more deliberately, creatively, and spaciously? Then complete the coaching client intake form and let’s have us an introductory consultation.

You can apply here:

If you’re looking for a shortcut, buy a scratcher from the liquor store.

If you’re looking for proven business infrastructure that creates space and mobility, I’m in your corner.

Let’s you and I talk soon!


Bonus video:


Life is what you make it. Dream big. Work hard. And have fun.

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Anthem Salgado
Business Coach
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