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Too often, people are looking for the Marketing quick fix. Which is a lot like looking for Instant Muscles, Instant Marriage, Instant Career, Instant Audience, or more specifically in this case, Instant Buyers / Patrons / Supporters / Fans.

There is not really a cheat sheet or short cut to having a well-kept and properly nurtured relationship with your peeps (or yourself for that matter). It’s an everyday art.

However, there are fundamental principles that I believe can help no matter where you are in your journey and despite the tools you may have or wish you had.

In this short video, I present three insights that I believe you may find useful. These are ways to look at and understand Marketing that you might have overlooked AND that you could keep in mind further even your Marketing is already going at full steam.

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Hi, everyone. This is business coach Anthem Salgado representing Art of Hustle®, ranked at number one in the category of marketing in Yelp, San Francisco, and today we will be talking more about marketing. Three, in fact, quick tips that I think you’re going to find super-powerful and super-useful, totally foundational and applicable across the board. So sit tight and enjoy this.


“We’re living in the era of the humanization of business.”


Number one. First thing I want to recommend is find your voice. A lot of times when people get into trying to make marketing for their business they want to be taken seriously so they start writing really dry marketing copy. They start stripping away all personality from their business because they think, “Well, if I put too much of me in the business, people won’t think I’m a real professional,” which is really weird, I don’t get it because these days we’re living in the era of the humanization of business. People want to work with a person; not just some kind of faceless machine so feel free to let your personality shine in your marketing content, in your marketing copy and don’t be afraid of that. Yes, keep it professional but find that balance so that we get to learn who it is that we’re actually hiring.


“Find your voice… Let your personality shine.”


Second tip I want to give you is recognize who the action hero is in all of your marketing stories, who is the protagonist. It’s not you. The hero of your marketing campaign should be your customer, should be your client, should be your buyers. Yes, we want to show off our credentials but only for the purpose of helping our clients. Who are my buyers and how can I convey that I can help them? At the end of the day it’s always about them. It’s really important distinction too often when people get into, say, networking situations, they always want to fluff their own feathers and really show off how awesome they are and we all know that that’s not the best way to introduce yourself in person or in your marketing campaigns. It’s always about your people, your audience. How you can serve them. Not why are you so awesome and it makes a huge difference in your relationships.


“The hero of your marketing campaign should be your customer… Who are my buyers and how can I convey that I can help them?”


On that same note, while you’re thinking about taking the attention off of yourself, I think for those of you who are fearful of marketing, who are nervous about marketing, who’d like to say, “Well, I want to practice humility so I want to not do so much marketing,” I think I want to clue you into something kind of important here. You’re still being egotistical if you’re not doing your marketing. Think about this. When you don’t do marketing because you want to practice humility, that’s only a false sense of humility. And you’re doing your audience a disservice because if they need you, if they need your services, if they need your products, you need to make yourself available to them. So you practicing no marketing because you want to appear humble is still you being egotistical because you’re still putting yourself at the center. So do your marketing and do it in such a way that you can be of service.


“When you don’t do marketing because you want to practice humility, that’s only a false sense of humility.”


The third tip that I want to share with you is this, marketing works as a story. It’s your business narrative. It’s your sales narrative. And me coming from an arts and non-profit background, I recognize how important narrative is, not just as a story to be consumed by the public but also as a narrative to be used as a tool for self-empowerment. When you think about your marketing, your marketing should function in such a way that you’re telling a story that in a sense that helps you communicate your value also to yourself. You have to be really keen on who you are, what it is you do and how you serve. That’s what working on your marketing will help you do. If you skip out on this critical process, what ends up happening is you lose track of why you’re in the work so marketing also functions as an internal marketing mechanism.


“[Marketing also] helps you communicate your value also to yourself.”


This is very important for team morale. If you’re a team of one that means your own morale. So recognize that drafting your marketing copy will help you connect to the public and to your audience. But it will also help you connect back to yourself and remind you why this work is important and why you’re in it.


“Practice [Marketing] in such a way that is authentic to you.”


Those are my top-three tips. It’s how and why marketing is important. How to practice it in such a way that is authentic to you. I hope you found that valuable and if you have, kindly share this video with your colleagues and your community. I appreciate you watching the video. My name is Anthem Salgado. I’m the business coach, founder and principal of Art of Hustle, ranked at number one in the category of marketing for Yelp, San Francisco and I’m out.

You grow your business. Have fun doing it and rock, rock on.


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