Small business owners sometimes puzzle over how to stand out in a crowd: “What is my USP, my unique selling proposition?”

They are right to be worried. Technically, there are lots of people that can do what you do.

For this challenge, we might look to a page from the playbook of the recently departed Greatest Of All Time, Muhammed Ali.

How did he come to be revered by so many around the globe? His fighting ability? Yes, certainly that helps. His charisma? Absolutely.

But there have been lots of princely prize fighters throughout history. Even this isn’t enough to earn the adoration of millions, including plenty of regular folks who have little to zero knowledge or interest in the boxing profession.

So what was it really? The answer… Values.

Ali transcended his sport because of his principles — and his commitment to and expression of those convictions: Pacifist, humanitarian, and social justice minded.

If you want to find your niche, most likely it isn’t in a new product or service feature, but in your already very existent core beliefs. They needn’t be politically charged either as they were with Ali, but definitely they should be genuine and specific to you.

I frequently challenge my clients to answer the questions, What do you care about, what do you love, what are you a perfectionist about, and how does that show up in your life and in your work?

This tiny tip alone has worked wonders for the professionals in the Art of Hustle® coaching program. Fully live out and clearly articulate your own particular codes and high standards. THAT would be your earliest differentiator.



Case in point… New York Times video (edited), “How Ali became a national icon.”


I hope you enjoyed this post wherein we focus on the heart of what really matters most to us as business owners, self-employed professionals, and service providers. Not just throw-away tricks and trends for marketing.

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