Do you have a spiritual or personal development practice aligned with your organizational / professional development aspirations? 


As a business coach, I help my clients create, articulate, and stay focused on productive goal-setting and constant self-improvement. 


To me, setting a course of action and setting intentions are one and the same. When I remember to, I like to write wish lists (targets and nice-to-haves) on the arrival of the monthly new moons. Paying tribute to this recurring lunar event appears in traditions ancient and contemporary, eastern and western. 


In her book “Change We Must,” Hawaiian elder Nana Veary recalls a farming ritual from her childhood wherein taro was planted during the waxing (darkest to brightest, new moon to full moon) part of the cycle. The children planted crops while reciting a native chant or prayer that translates to: “I plant and the growth is yours.” 


This week, we welcome another new moon. An auspicious time to seed future wins. Especially as we enter a fresh 365. 


What will you reset or renew? 


Do you make make use of your calendar to set goals? On what rotation? Annually? Quarterly? Or monthly as described here?

If not, might you be ready to start?

Here’s a downloadable PDF listing the new moons of 2017.

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