What is my duty in times of political upheaval? I belong to a closed Facebook group wherein someone posted the following:


There’s a whole bunch of “conscious” coaches and consultants who aren’t saying a word about one of the the most powerful institutions on the planet – the US government – making decisions that hurt the planet, hurt women, hurt children, hurt people of color, hurt people with less money & privilege …

They are going on with their Facebook ads and practitioner trainings and mastermind groups and list building programs, business as usual …

All the while telling the world how conscious they are …



Though I don’t use the word “conscious” to promote my services (btw, please stop me if I ever do), I do feel something of an obligation to respond to this kind of sentiment since it seems to be very much in the air at the moment. This sense of: What should I do, or not do for that matter, and what is appropriate?

As to keep this conversation “on brand” and also with respect to your psychic wellbeing (you’re probably already inundated by your news feed), I’ll answer specifically through the lens of a business owner and service provider – and also as an artist. After all, that’s how we know each other.


  1. There are lots of ways people contribute to causes that aren’t always as public and self-seeking as social media can often be. In fact, some people only post and re-post articles on social media — and that doesn’t necessarily make them woke either. It’s good to remember that Facebook is a virtual reality and one cannot fully judge from any perceptions that are experienced inside of the matrix.

  3. Let’s recognize that it is a privilege to speak boldly of politics in public. Those who are most vulnerable (i.e. susceptible to damaging backlash) may not have that same access or sense of invincibility.

  5. Shouldn’t I or you or all of us feel guilty about continuing to grow our respective practices during times of turmoil? Think about the craziness of this question. Another way to phrase it might be, Is there some level of harm that I can do to my career or business that will actually heal any of society’s ills? Answer: Big resounding NO.

Something I tell members of my coaching program… Never think about money for its own sake. To do so is soulless. Money is a tool for advancement, of which there are three levels of success. When you get financially fit, the following areas benefit.

The first is self-care on all fronts.

The second is the elevation of your kinsfolk or tribe.

The third is your giveback, how you will grant surplus time, dollars, or skills to charities and movements that are meaningful to you and that edge the world forward.

These tiers ascend in that very order. They have to! To tend to your physical and psychological health and that of your economic engine is to properly position yourself to help others. (Do you want to be the person taking donations in order to attend Standing Rock? Or do you want to be the person who shows up at Standing Rock and makes donations? For real though, I’m just sayin’… You have a choice. Exercise it.)

Let no one justice-shame you into hurting yourself or your profession. I and Art of Hustle® business coaching respect you and support your ability to raise your family, raise funds, and raise hell so that you may live and give in a manner that is consistent with your values.



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