I’m currently reading this book on women who were able to bust through the glass ceiling within their respective fields.

And it’s interesting to see patterns in best practices and thought processes. Whether it’s in career and business or sports and performance, there is no getting away from passion and especially BELIEF when putting together a plan for success.


Excerpt pictured here.


It’s unfortunate, however, that positive thinking gets such a bad rap, mostly from flakes looking to shrug off adulthood responsibilities or, on the opposite end, from Debbie Downers and self-declared realists who don’t understand how it actually works.

If anyone can show me someone living a happy, meaningful, productive life that did it without belief and positivity, I might change my mind. ;)

Until then (I’m not holding my breath and neither should you), let’s admit that belief isn’t always easy to cultivate but it is no doubt central to the work.

Keep this in mind as you push onward.


Do you agree?

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See the vision and stay believing.