“Be self aware, rather than a repetitious robot.”
~Bruce Lee


A friend of mine shared this image recently. It is a wheel chart of how the mighty Bruce Lee might spend a normal day.

I found it valuable to see how even little things were honored in his calendar. Stretching, meals, family time, and personal training.

It’s pretty common unfortunately for lots of us to overlook these simple moments. Which of course is a mistake because, besides being fun, these activities are also re-energizing and re-centering.

Then it occurred to me how important it is to be the director of every day, not just a passive witness to the time. So often, when I ask people what they’re up to, I often hear a series of tasks related to chasing after deadlines and urgent matters.

But where is the joy? The creativity, the self-care, the self-improvement, the sense of purpose, the self-determination. These things don’t just volunteer to show up in one’s life; they have to be prioritized.

We all have “goals”… work goals. But surely, as a conscious human being, you also have a wide spectrum of aims – related to spirit, travel, inner peace, communications, relationships, community, service, fulfillment, and more.

This is something I often work on with my clients – How to organize their plans, including their plan to lead effectively, which requires downtime and personal development.



I was inspired by the Bruce Lee breakdown so I made it an exercise to track my own time. Here is a snapshot of how a typical 24 hours might look for me.

When I concluded this assessment, I was reminded:

You are in charge. Curate your life as you see fit. Observe what is important. Move with intention to surround yourself with experiences and activities of value.



Give this little writing / graphing meditation a whirl. Leave a comment to share what you learn.

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