The fall season is always a good time to do some internal reflection, both personally and organizationally.



As such, I am working on a very different kind of mind map right now…


“Areas in which I positively ****ed up in business for the years 2016-2017”


I frequently tell my clients how powerful and necessary honest self-assessment is. That means recognizing and giving yourself props for your strengths.

That also means being clear about where things went wrong so that you can prevent yourself from replicating those mistakes and instead gain some invaluable lessons.

As a meditation tool, try sketching out key points in the last year or so, highlighting situations that might’ve turned out very differently had you turned left instead of right, said yes instead of no, or vice versa.


For each circumstance, ask yourself:

  1. What went right?
  2. What went wrong?
  3. What did I learn?


A lot of times, choices have a cumulative effect. That means it’s never one screw-up that does you in, nor is it one victory that takes you to the next level. It’s a combination of events that makes the perfect mixture for either outcome.

The better an individual understands those decisive moments (emphasis here on the word “decisive” because these are not things that happened to us; these are things we made happen), the better equipped they are to maximize on those tiny shifts in order to create radical positive change in their lives.


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