Love & Hustle Spotlight: Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin



“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw


We spoke with Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin, a Licensed Financial Professional, holistic arts practitioner, and serial entrepreneur with a background in health and wellness. As the founder of Claiming Prosperity and co-founder of Community Well, Jennifer strives to use her experiences and knowledge in business development, management, operations, marketing, and customer service to help others unlock prosperity in all aspects and levels of life. We talked to Jennifer about how she turned away from the traditional career path to forge a unique business and wellness career and the importance of community in the hustle.



“I’ve never been a person who fit into traditional boxes, so I’ve learned to create my own boxes! That is one aspect in which I apply “hustle” into my business life. I’ve learned to be innovative and resourceful in my business while still being connected to my true purpose. I have a “get it done!” mentality and am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and go to work. I also hustle for my community, knowing that the more I give the more I get back.”


“I have a “get it done!” mentality.”


For Jennifer, community is not just the cornerstone of her support system, but a force that she strives to uplift through her work as an entrepreneur. Community provides Jennifer with the chance to reflect on and view her work and business through a fresh perspective.


“One of my personal values is community. I feel that I could not do what I do without the support of those around me. My community inspires me, gives me strength, and helps me to define who I am and where I am going.”


She recognizes the importance of mentorship that comes from a strong community, crediting it as a valuable tool that has allowed her to grow not just as a business woman, but as a person seeking fulfillment and purpose in life.


“I could not do what I do without the support of those around me.”


“Mentorship is HUGE! It helps to compress time and limit the trial-and-error situations I’ve had in the past, resulting in wasting less time, less money, and less resources. Leaving more energy and mind space to what’s next and how to continue growing in my business. I’ve learned in addition to being a purposeful and passionate business owner, I also need to be equally systemized and defined in my business model. I’ve learned how to create a system that allows me to be more present and be joyful in my business.”


Many entrepreneurs strive to maintain a balance between the professional and personal. When making the transition from an employee to becoming your own boss, the journey can feel arduous and even isolating at times. Self-reflection combined with outside professional guidance can help cultivate a holistic practice between business and in life.


“To me hustle means…being authentic and being a master of using all of the resources available to you.”


“To me hustle means purposeful actions that keep you moving forward towards your goals. It means being clear about what you want, and using all your skills to see those things through. It means you do what it takes until the job is done. It means being authentic, and being a master of using all of the resources available to you.”


With the help of Art of Hustle, Jennifer continues to build and expand her support system by meeting supportive and equally driven individuals who empower each other through community and teaching.


“Mentorship is HUGE … resulting in wasting less time, less money, and less resources.”


“In business and in life it is SO important to surround yourself with the right people. Proximity Is Power! The Art Of Hustle family has help me on so many levels. They have been my peer group that I can go to who can understand some of the complex situations I am going through because they have been through them too. They offer their wisdom and suggest freely and I’ve benefited greatly just by witnessing their successes and challenges they go through.”


Jennifer found a sense of solidarity and encouragement through the openness of sharing her experiences and learning from those around her. Her positive energy and strong sense of purpose and community are only a small peek at what Jennifer brought to Love & Hustle, a live event at Asmbly Hall that brought together driven entrepreneurs seeking sound business coaching.


“We have to surround ourselves with like-minded people who want you to succeed as much as you do.”


“We have to surround ourselves with like-minded people who want you to succeed as much as you do. This event will give you the opportunity to connect yourself with real movers and shakers who are dedicated to making a positive impact in world. Personally, I trust that I will gain a memorable experience that will generate many opportunities to expand my awareness of others and the great work they are doing. What I offer to this event is my willingness to share the resources I have with those who are interested in hearing about them. I also offer my positive energy and am willing to make newcomers feel at home and welcomed.”


Connect with movers and shakers from the Art of Hustle community!

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