Love & Hustle Spotlight: Kat Evasco


Let’s meet writer, comedian, theater artist and cultural producer Kat Evasco. Known for her autobiographical one-woman show, Mommy Queerest, she got her start at the renowned Bindlestiff Studio in the heart of San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood. Today, she is the co-director of the Resilience Archives which blends visual art, performance and storytelling, and a living community archive that celebrates the histories of LGBTQ APA folks. She is the Sr. Director of Growth Strategy for a nonprofit called the Future Project and is dedicated to helping historically marginalized people tell their own story, which has the power to heal, connect with people, and build community. We got her take on finding your purpose and the power of community.



“The universe favors the brave.”


“The universe favors the brave. The moment you get clear on your purpose in life, everything goes faster and bigger.”


This is the mindset that shapes Kat’s hustle, a consistent grind driven by a desire to push the envelope and to choose excitement over the unknown over fear. Kat has fused her creative and performing arts background with a passion for social justice to use storytelling as a vehicle to amplify the histories and voices that were once on the fringes of society.


“Hustle is the intersection of hard work, passion, and being purpose-driven. Everyday, I’m hustlin’, hustlin’. To me, it’s achieving your goals by any means necessary, while honoring your body and spirit.”


“Hustle is the intersection of hard work, passion, and being purpose-driven.”


For Kat, the process of telling a story and empowering others to share theirs is a large part of personal growth and evolution. Knowing that growth is not a linear journey, but one rife with many challenges, plateaus and moments of personal reflection and acceptance, she credits Art of Hustle for teaching her how to work through these experiences – both in her work and career and as a creative.


“Art of Hustle has taught me how to break down projects into smaller actionable steps. And that anything and everything is possible.”


Kat’s mentality of limitless possibilities is not only supported, but expanded within the Art of Hustle community. By surrounding herself with like-minded leaders who are taking the reins and purposefully shaping their careers and lifestyles to reflect their values, Kat sees the strength and resilience that comes from building community.


“Everything is possible.”


“Community and mentorship figures hold me through all the work I do. I am never working alone and never working just for myself. I am intentional about the community I surround myself with, including all my coaches and mentors. They are my guides and they make sure I stay true to my mission.”


From endless support and encouragement to challenging your views in order to reaffirm your true purpose, Kat is excited to share her own story and to learn from the experiences of those in her Art of Hustle community. By empowering others to share their stories, we create a diverse community with deep connections that transcends borders – we build bridges of understanding and solidarity in the hustle.


“No dreamer builds alone.”


“No dreamer builds alone. It’s important to connect with people of diverse backgrounds and experiences. It helps you becoming more well-rounded and expands your understand of the world and yourself.”


Build your dream with Kat and the Art of Hustle community!

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