Love & Hustle Spotlight: Paloma Concordia


Today, we talked to Paloma Concordia of PapaLoDown, a public relations company specializing in creative entrepreneurs and community organizations. Paloma’s experience in publicity is diverse, ranging from retail and fashion to music, art, entertainment, education, and youth empowerment. As a publicist, she shares the stories of her community, specifically POC owned businesses and women-led organizations. We spoke to her about how the hustle gives her the freedom to create both the business and the lifestyle she wants while creating a platform to amplify the stories and voices of her community.



“Less is More! It’s not necessary to fill up your plate, which can lead to burnout. Trying to create a less is more life in work and personal so that I can have the mind space to dream big and do great things.”


When Paloma first embarked on creating PapaLoDown, she was conscious of maintaining the balance between the hustle of her business and community-centered work as well as maintaining time for her family, friends, and personal growth. For her, the hustle isn’t just a way of growing and maintaining her thriving business. It’s about making informed and intentional decisions that allow her to push boundaries and define the industry rather than being limited by expectations or passing trends.


“Less is More!”


“Hustle means seeking opportunities, having freedom to support and work with people and orgs that have a greater purpose than just profits, it’s being in the know, being a leader, being an influencer, being ahead of the pack.”


Paloma notes that her entrepreneurial journey and stepping into her power as a leader and influencer is largely due to the mentors from her community that offered their unwavering support and guidance.


“On the dark, miserable days, when you wonder what the hell you’re doing, having a team, community, support system is everything. Without it, I would definitely not have even considered going down this path of being an entrepreneur.”

“Having a team, community, support system is everything.”


Even now, when she faces new challenges as a seasoned entrepreneur, she draws strength from the different perspectives and experiences that emerge from the diverse network of her community. The relationships that she’s established with clients have fostered a deep sense of connection. Clients become part of her growing community, each offering their unique strengths and invaluable perspectives as friends and team members while also generating new business for PapaLoDown.


“Community and mentorship are a huge part of my success, which is why I say your network is your net worth! Having a thought partner outside of my team is super helpful too. All of our clients come from referrals so community is important on many levels.”


“Your network is your net worth!”


For Paloma, Art of Hustle continues to be a way to meet individuals from the growing movement of creative and passionate hustlers who are making their mark by cultivating careers that are both financially sustainable and community-oriented.


Love & Hustle [a live event that brought together driven entrepreneurs seeking sound business coaching] will be inspiring, it will make you feel uncomfortable in a good way, which means you will grow! You’ll see where you’re doing things right and maybe where you are doing things wrong so that you can step your game up!”

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