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Client Success: Raynelle Rino, Transformational Coach

Let’s meet Raynelle Rino, the Transformational Coach behind Rino Consulting Solutions, recently featured in Outside Magazine! She utilizes nature and hiking to help seasoned nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs combat the effects of burnout.

In our conversation, she talks to us about her evolution as a WOC entrepreneur and how Art of Hustle helped her cultivate prosperity and abundance in her business.

She gives us her take on:

  • Living through risk and rising to the challenges of entrepreneurship
  • The importance of mentorship in growing her small business
  • How community is a cornerstone of her entrepreneurial support system

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So my name is Raynelle. I am an entrepreneur and I started Rino Consulting Solutions in 2016. It’s a nature-based coaching and consulting firm. I help busy, high functioning, diverse professionals in the social sector create change in the world without the burnout and overwhelm.

I needed mentorship and I needed support.

October 2016 I really dove into beginning my business and also becoming a certified coach. I knew that if I was not going to go into non-profit again and I was gonna own my own company, I didn’t really know how to do that. Plus, I didn’t come from a family who owns a formal business. Right away, I said if I were to commit to this as my life sustainer, I needed mentorship and I needed support.

So I started with a lot of determination but not knowing what structure and systems really meant to making a successful business. Through the process of maybe the first year or maybe the first six months of being in the Art of Hustle program, I really had to challenge myself to actually live through risk and feel what it was like to meet the fears and overcome some of those challenges.

Risk is the name of the game.

That’s kind of one of the learning lessons: risk is the name of the game. It’s just a matter of how do you live with it and how do you work with it so that it actually benefits you. And a lot of the journey within the program is for one, the one-on-one high level support of talking through it. Maybe even figuring out if your fear of risk is showing up, how to actually develop something in your program to help you overcome that was one important concept actually.

Having a community of other people to just make you feel like you’re not alone in that struggle and you’re not alone in that journey really helps because I’m a solopreneur too. I’m running this all on my own. At least for the beginning parts of my business, it was very much just me working things out.

People will behave based on what values you implement.

So one of the major takeaways is this aspect of self-value. Actually materializing into what kind of value you place on your products and services. People will behave based on what values you implement. And it has nothing to do with $1000 versus $100. And it has almost everything to do with how you feel about your work.

To bring on a business coach is really to recognize where you need help.

To bring on a business coach is really to recognize where you need help. That it’s not gonna be giving you all the answers, but it’s actually taking ownership of your decision. To be a business owner, it takes that mentorship and guidance. This whole journey’s been a lot of letting go and surrendering to who I really am supposed to be in this world. As hard as it gets, as lonely as it feels sometimes, surrender opens up so much more than closed doors for yourself.

When I grow, my community grows with me.

When I grow, my community grows with me. And that’s what I look forward to; that’s the reason why I’m a coach myself and I’m providing the opportunities for healing. Especially in these times, my community needs the reminder and the guidance that whatever it is we want the world to be, it’s doable.

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