In this short talk, we cover a wide array of topics. From personal values to professional mastery. Tap play and follow along with the timestamps beneath the video.

00:00 Introduction, background, and origin
02:55 What does it mean to advance with clarity and intention?
04:00 The importance of possessing a clear road map.
05:58 Find a wing to climb under; a.k.a. a mentor or guide.
06:45 Adaptation = Mastery.
08:05 How do personal values figure into the business/plan?
10:19 What are some of the most common mistakes?
15:04 How important is marketing?
18:05 What’s the best advice for executing the vision?

Prompts to respond to after watching this video:

Given this short talk…

  • What is your overall takeaway from this conversation?
  • Did anything strike you as new or important to remember?
  • Did you hear anything that validated your current knowledge? And if so, what?
  • Of the many elements described, what seems missing from your current toolkit?
  • And what action can you take today to start bridging those gaps?