Does your ad copy suck? Just kidding.
Seriously though, putting a few words and images together looks easy – but it’s not. Let’s study an example together. This is an ad I came across recently. What are your observations from a quick glance?
There are lots of interesting things happening here. Play this short video to see my breakdown.



  • Obviously, this is a solid testimonial. (You can learn about how to ask for testimonials like this in the Requesting Reviews lesson).
  • This testimonial looks great in the ad but it would obviously also look good on a website. Additionally, notice the effective use of the customer’s name and photo. (More of those best practices are available in the Landing Page lesson wherein we talk about the five main ingredients required for creating an impressive homepage for your website).
  • Lastly, check out the name drop of Netflix. This serves to clearly identify one’s industry/category as well as boldly announce yourself as a competitive alternative to a popular brand. (We do something similar in the development of your Value Proposition which appears in our lesson titled Targeting Your Ideal Client).
I often tell my clients and members, “Don’t copy what other people are doing, not even me!” Instead, you should be following the principles. That way, you can properly modify and adapt best practices for your particular field and specific company. That’s what we study inside of the Art of Hustle coursework and training programs.
If you’re interested in learning more about how you, too, can make the most of your marketing and communications assets and efforts, I welcome you to dive into the aforementioned lessons.
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