I’m Anthem Salgado, small business coach, communications specialist, and owner of ART OF HUSTLE® – #1 in Marketing for Yelp in San Francisco

For the Bay Area self-employed professional wanting sound guidance and strategy to grow their practice, Anthem Salgado and ART OF HUSTLE® provide business advice and training that is proven to untangle your to-do list and clear a pathway for new forward movement.

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Anthem provides valuable guidance through one-to-one coaching as well as workshop facilitation. He has helped people successfully change careers, launch businesses, promote their work, and generate new revenue. He has a particular knack for marketing strategy, helping maximize on audience development, referral building, and income generation opportunities. His experience spans 20 years across industries that include arts, education, nonprofit, micro-enterprise, cultural and community work, and more.

The primary aim of ART OF HUSTLE® is to end the cycle of burnout and redundancy so common in solopreneurship and small business, and to create a new culture of success.

This is an approach that prioritizes

Like its namesake, its most qualified clients are those that possess:

A strong willingness to begin, the steely belief that a better and stronger version of you and your company exists, and a deep respect for taking action and no-excuses living.

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Some Of My Background

Hi. My name is Anthem Salgado. I live in San Francisco and hail originally from New York. I work as a Business Coach, providing valuable outside perspective to a wide array of entrepreneurs and organizations. When I’m not leading workshops, providing guidance to my clients, or crafting blog content, I enjoy the simple things. Fun with family and friends. Enjoying the company of my wife and our two dogs. And putting in mat time as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu hobbyist.

I have had a long career as an arts professional: a multidisciplinary creator and arts administrator. Painter and poet. Memoirist and teaching artist. Stage and screen actor. Program Manager and Director of Communications. I loved it. I had no intention of switching sectors but the 2008 recession had other plans for me. I was gifted with a tough (and toughening) stretch of unemployment and a lot of time to meditate on the deficits in my toolkit. I was left to wonder: How did this happen to me and what skills must I develop to make sure it doesn’t happen again?

It was a bit like the kung fu movies of old wherein a peasant fighter is served a defeat, then holes up in a cave to learn from monks, and re-emerges an entirely new warrior.

I’d taken all my experiences as a storyteller, as an out-of-the-box thinker and doer, and as a cultural worker to conjure a business entirely from scratch that would continue to reflect my community values in combination with my major findings for career longevity.

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