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Podcast Episode 011: David J. Diamond’s Satisfying Careers in Show Business

Anthem Salgado appears on the show, “Satisfying Careers in Show Business,” which explores questions you bring about how to create the artistic career that you want for yourself.

Podcast Episode 010: Art Is My Occupation (Stanford University talk reprise)

Stanford University invited Anthem Salgado to talk to early career artists about what to expect and how to prepare as they enter the field. This audio captures the content of that presentation given for the event, Art is My Occupation.

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Podcast Episode 009: Cliff Osmond tribute feat. Fred Pitts and Marte Mejstrik

Art of Hustle rarely - if ever - focuses on craft and aesthetics. However, here, we go over a lot of fun and useful tips for acting, mostly because lessons from working on stage and on screen can translate directly to survival tips for life and career! Theatre artist or not, please give a listen.

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Podcast Episode 007: Grants Administrative Manger, Olivia Malabuyo Tablante

Welcome to another exciting Art of Hustle podcast episode! This time around, we hear from Olivia Malabuyo Tablante, Grants Administrative Manager for The Gerbode Foundation. From writer and comedic performer to arts administrator, she knows her business and gives us a view from both sides of the fence. Olivia shares with us her indispensable insights into grant seeking and supporting yourself as an artist.

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Podcast Episode 006: Producing Director, Joan Osato

We speak to one of the most effective grants hustlers I’ve ever met in the performing arts arena, Joan Osato. She blesses us here with some fantastic tips on getting your own art up and out there. We talk about: Managing your career, Securing funding, Working the festival circuit, and Touring your work!

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