The Pros and Cons of Publishing Your Work Online

Thievery is a legitimate worry. Allow me to make some very basic and immediate suggestions for protecting your work, including - perhaps counterintuitively - getting it out where everyone can see it.

The Business Card and Career Flub to Avoid at All Costs

Lots of us have made this mistake. Let’s take a look at your business card or online profiles. Is your name followed by many especially disparate titles? What’s a Renaissance man or woman to do?

Body Toning for Your Blog Posts and Newsletters

While it is absolutely vital that you mind your content, it is EQUALLY important that you also mind how the body of your text is visually arranged on the page.

The Hugh Grant Effect in Social Media

How protestors became partners, and a potentially ugly situation became a space for understanding.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Thank You Economy”

I took to live tweeting from business sage, Gary Vaynerchuk's book release in San Francisco as a means of taking notes. The resulting Twitter feed highlights the importance of: demonstrating value and building relationships.

Donald Trump vs. Conan O’brien, Part IV: Re-Thinking Marketing and Branding

The quality of sound at a concert, the craftsmanship of your wares, how you respond to a customer complaint. This is your brand, not the icon stamped on your letterhead.

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