No more spinning your wheels. Look at the people at the top of their game and you will see they all share a common attribute. They’ve all benefited from the valuable guidance and direction of a mentor or coach.

Ready to up your game? Join the ranks of top professionals who’ve already made gains employing Anthem’s first-rate instruction and advice.

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I want to hear what you would like to achieve. Allow me to offer suggestions and to frame an action plan on the spot, and also, if appropriate, to disqualify myself. Yes, you read that right. How many people do you know that are honest and confident enough to walk away from a job? You can take comfort in the fact that I refuse to drive sharp bargains or to do any hard selling.

I set myself apart from others in this field by matching my qualifications upfront. If my skills and approach don’t align with your needs, I will respectfully bow out. Even then, you can still take all the tips I shared with you and run with it – they’re on the house. Plus, I may still refer you to top professionals in my circle who may be better equipped to serve you.

If, however, you and I do determine that our working relationship will go well, we can then arrange a series of meetings to start your journey toward success! You will receive guidance specific to your projects. We will employ my signature “minimal stress, maximum progress” approach to help you get clear, organized, and inspired to accomplish. Take charge of your vision immediately!


Email me to score a quick and complimentary marketing audit for your business. Up to 20 minutes of live analysis via phone call to help you determine action steps!

(Note: I’m not taking any podcast guests at this time.)