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Variety in the Boardroom: Time Waster or Money Saver?

If you think your ideas are the only game in town, you’re going to fail sooner rather than later. In this post, guest blogger Dustin Verburg reminds us that even though your ideas are great, it's absolutely vital to include input from outside sources whenever you undertake a major project.

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Organization Skills: Make Your Dreams Come True

A supreme work ethic doesn't guarantee that you'll achieve your goals. If you find yourself coming up short, it's time to reassess whether you're moving forward, or just moving in circles. Ask yourself the million dollar question. Find out whether or not it's time to get reacquainted with the basics of time management and accountability.

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The fools who shoot themselves in the foot and how to not be one of them

If you can't take your own words seriously, who else will? Reclaim the power lost by over-promising and under-delivering - choose your words carefully and follow through with action. It's time to make your word your bond again.

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Do You Need a Degree to Be in the Arts?

Thinking about grad school? If you're getting into work to provide good for the world, you also have to provide that good for yourself. Find out the minimum requirements, the hugely important question you'll need to ask yourself, dangers to avoid, and the valuable skills you'll need to pick up, no matter what your title. Consider this post part of your continuing education.

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6 Tips for Managing Your Gmail, and Retaining Your Sanity

Is your email inbox a bottomless pit? Can’t find the right emails when you need them? This blog is for you. Art of Hustle welcomes Google Leadership Recruiting Coordinator and former director of Funkanometry SF, Gina Mariko, as its newest guest blogger. Get ready to be blown away 'cause Gina's about to shake up that inbox of yours with her Gmail organizing wisdom!

2012-05-07T12:00:58-07:00Management|5 Comments

Epic Heroes Don’t Set Sail Solo: The Importance of Mentorship

It’s not selfish to ask for help when you’re doing something that’s new and unfamiliar: it’s necessary for your survival. Get yourself a mentor, baby! Art of Hustle welcomes back guest blogger, Rachel Parker, and this time she's here to share with us her small business owner "dispatches from year one."

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A Jill of All Trades Advises on What To Do About “What Do YOU Do?”

So, how does this all tie into being an entrepreneur? What does this have to do with being a self-sufficient artist? Only everything. Running your own business necessitates that you do thousands of different things and take on multitudes of different tasks.

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