Business Plan & Beyond


Develop a customized map, one that has been screened for effectiveness, that you can trust, and that you can have faith in executing.




Update your thinking around goal-setting, especially as a self-employed professional or team member of a small organization.

Working hard without a proper plan is like driving fast without a route. So, what’s the harm in that? you might wonder. You can get lost, you can get hurt, and you can run out of gas. Likewise, in your business, you can get lost in the frenzy of “busy work” and constant firefighting, you can make critical errors, and you can completely burn out.

On the flip side of this picture are highly effective professionals who make time to game-plan.


• No more disorganization and aimless brainstorming

• Use the Art of Hustle® system to map out your goals

• Get clear guidance as to what to concentrate on and include in your plan

• Have more confidence that your actions are leading you in the right direction

• Feel accomplished and celebrate when you achieve major milestones


14 modules, over 500 minutes of information, six weeks of access, and 50%-off private one-to-one coaching. Downloadable worksheets, cheatsheets, and checklists included.

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